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Moon Brow

Moon Brow Riffle
Translated by Sara Khalili "Moon Brow is the story of a man coming to know himself and his country. It is slowly revealed that our protagonist, Amir Yamini, was among the last of the playboys of the Persian monarchy. He was a rich, spoiled, adolescent — a naïve young man who defined himself through his sexual conquests and familial rebellions. If that were all we knew of him we might move on. But there is a mystery that compels the reader to stay. What is this 'Moon Brow'?..." by  Karen Zarker, popMATTERS

Censoring An Iranian Love Story
Censoring An Iranian LoveStory Reading with
Robert Coover
Translated by Sara Khalili “Censoring an Iranian Love Story becomes a Kundera-like rumination on philosophy and politics [that] playfully investigates the possibilities and limits of storytelling....” - by  Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

Shargh-e Banafsheh (East of Violet)
Mandanipour was born in Shiraz in 1956. His first story collection was published in 1989. He has several short story collections and novels... (Audio MP3)

Iranian Novelist...
Iranian novelist Shahryar Mandanipour was named in winter, 2005, as Brown’s third International Writing Fellow. Regarded as one of the most successful writers in contemporary Iran, Mandanipour is the author of five collections of stories, including The Eighth Day of the Earth, Violet Orient, Midday Moon, Mummy and Honey and Shadow of the Cave...


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